Aisha Sekhmet

Atlanta, GA

Aisha Sekhmet is a hip hop artist from Louisiana. With a resilient spirit and a passion for mental liberation in the African-American community, she has embarked on a mission to “Wake Up The Hood.” Providing a raw, assertive flow, and an uncompromising approach to deliver truth, Aisha Sekhmet became known to many in the hip hop world with her single “You The Whiteman’s Bitch.” It showcased her skill at making 21st century oppression appear clear to any young person unaware of the matrix of white supremacy that still exists. Listening to many of her songs like “Everybody’s Gay” and “Age of the Bitch Nigga”, one can perceive that Aisha is just a bitter black female who was taken her anger out on her male counterparts and the white man who is responsible for our misfortunes. But any intelligent minded individual who has experienced Black Hollywood, the music underground, and the overlooked racism and exploitation in the quest of money, status, and fame, knows Miss Sekhmet is telling the undiluted truth. She is fierce; she is raw talent. She is fearless in speaking truth to power and to the uninformed masses who don’t know what truth is.


About HH4BU

Hip-Hop For Black Unity is a movement that seeks to address the many problems faced by the Hip-Hop generation and to offer tangible strategies to alleviate negative conditions that impact Hip-Hop as an Industry and as a component of a larger Black Culture as well as those who practice it professionally and those who are affected by it, both locally and thus globally.