Born and raised in the small east coast town of Amherst, Massachusettes, Elevation’s 1st love, writing rhymes, began in 1992. He than picked up on producing (tascam 4-track) around 1993 (after hearing and being inspired by the Pete Rock and CL Smooth album, “Mecca and the Soul Brother”). He started digging in the crates as well as deejaying, collecting vinyl from any record shop he could find, in and out of state. Around this time he also learned the basics of deejaying, how to mix/blend and scratch. He’s performed in numerous talent shows, open mics etc. His passion and love for music runs deep as his father had a resourceful record collection as well several instruments around the house he grew up in. He went to college in Atlanta in the fall of 1997, than dropped out after the spring semester of 2000 because of his passion for music. While living there, his musical ear was opened up by the influx of live music he would see throughout the city. In the late summer of 2002 he than moved to Nashville, TN to finish up his college degree and has resided there ever since.

Influenced by the “Golden Age” of Hiphop and being raised by a former Black Panther/Professor and Feminist Anthropologist/Professor, Elevation fuses consciousness content with lyrical ability and mentally stimulating concepts. MC’s such as KRS-1, Rakim, Nas, Andre 3000, Q-tip, Black Thought, Wu-tang Clan, Redman, Dead Prez, as well as others have all played a pivotal role of where the bar, to him, is set lyrically. Beat wise, Producers such as Pete Rock, Dj Premier, RZA, JDilla, Organized Noise, The Soul Aquarians, 9th Wonder, MadLib, Diamond D, and Quincy Jones have all played a significant influence but yet and still he has been able to create his own style musically.

“I Pay Homage to the Great Pioneer Producers but I would never want to sound like a duplicate, that’s Not HipHop.” His beats are a renaissance of the “traditional” way of producing hiphop records, i.e., sampling, but also mixing Hip Hop with Soul as well as at times, Rootz n hiphop = “DubHop.” Tired of the current state of HipHop, n just music n general, Providing Banging Beats with Lyrical/Conscious Rhymes is a Must. THE REAL HIPHOP is ova here..

About Jamarhl Crawford