Cypher Divine

Louisville, KY


CPHR DVN (cypher divine) is to hiphop as Hendrix was to rock and roll. Just when you think a genre has been pushed to its limits, there comes along certain individuals that push a little harder. The key to pushing the bounderies, is to do it subtly, to the point were it is still some-what comfortabe for the listener. CPHR DVN has accomplished this difficult but necessary tasks, seducing the listener with hypnotic hooks and neck snapping beats. This duo is a totally self-sufficient creative powerhouse, is responsible for every aspect of thier product, from production to recording, from the album artwork to t-shirts, logos, and whatever else they need to do to establish the CPHR DVN brand. We are the metaphysicians of Hip-Hop. Our music will heal your soul, expand your mind, and raise your vibration! The Twin Lions are back, to bring you real Hip-Hop, returning to the essence and launching into the future, while being forever present, in the NOW! CPHR DVN is here!

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