Jackonsville, FLA

Give thanks, i am a child of the stars, affectionally known as chop. i request of you a small favor…to take a teeninechy trip with me to visually journey away from your computer screens to figga who i is cause i aint no bigga than this….hear the coltrane in the back ground and hum…or just read this synthetic hum…due dUe due due due de dee dee de dee dee raindrops on gardenias, blue pitbulls that nibble, sunshowers, organic lollipops, unripened mangos, startraveling after the alarm goes off and nice thick oaktrees, jazz on any day, any time,my man’s imaginary handkerchief, swimming with frogs, skinny dipping in the moonlit ocean, debating over freedom’s path, emceeing in somebody’s closet, dancing while i record, hot herbal tea in mason jars, gold teeth , nine ether, country grammar, little trees, bodhisatvahs, the Dogon, rainforests, circus animals that attack and the silent creep of the rising moon…what are your favorite things?

About Jamarhl Crawford