Ayana Soyini




Ayana Soyini is CEO of the independent multimedia company Goldeneyes Entertainment LLC. She is an activist, artist, musician, producer, DJ and writer; but above everything else, Ayana is true to herself. In a profession that is very competitive and at times ruthless, Ayana has always taken the high road in her dealings. She is a very spiritual person. Having witnessed the dark side of the music business at an early age, Ayana decided that she wanted to make a difference so she invested her efforts into creating a unique, progressive and positive vibe, look and musical sound. She founded Goldeneyes Entertainment LLC in 1997.

One of the primary aspects of Goldeneyes Entertainment LLC is the studio and sound system, Khamouflage Productions. Inspired by the rich tradition of African-American Funk, Soul, Hip Hop & Jazz and Jamaican Reggae & Dancehall music; Khamouflage Productions records and releases original material from Ayana Soyini and musical affiliates and frequently plays parties, dances and clubs. Aside from just playing the popular hits frequently heard on commercial radio, as a DJ, Ayana also plays music from lesser-known artists, tunes custom made for Khamouflage Productions known as “specials” and her own exclusive remixes. This sets DJ Ayana Soyini uniquely apart from her peers and further solidifies the grassroots street credibility that Khamouflage Productions is known for.

As an artist and DJ, Ayana Soyini has several independent vinyl, CD & digital releases to her credit. She has shared stages with artists such as Talib Kweli, Fugees, Q-Tip, Nadine Sutherland, The Mighty Sparrow, Mikki Howard, Eric Roberson and many others while her music has been played internationally in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.


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