Askari X

OAKLAND, California, US

Askari X, aka Ansar El Muhammed and Ricky Murdock, is a hip-hop artist from Oakland, United States. He has 3 albums and is on many compilation albums and as a guest on several albums. He is famous for coining the term RBG. and M-1 of Dead Prez talk about Askari X often in music and credit him as one of their main musical influences.

Askari X is known for black power messages combined with spiritual Islamic themes. His lyrics have a message similar to Fred Hampton, Bobby Hutton, Marcus Garvey, Huey P. Newton, and Malcolm X, including the Black Panther mentality and political manifesto of Malcolm X: “by any means necessary.” His sound is characterized by slow powerful drum beats and a flow similar to Tupac. His message is similar to rap artists Dead Prez, X-Clan, Immortal Technique, Public Enemy, and Steve B.I.K.O.

Askari X espouses a mixture of ideologies, one being that of a revolutionary, who uses carnal weapons and guns to obtain freedom, along the lines of the Black Panthers and the African People’s Socialist Party. The other being that of s/c Black Islam (Teachings of thee Nation of Islam) as taught by Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, thee ALLAH Master J, which is foundated on the teachings of Thee Messenger, Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which strictly forbids the use of or even possession of guns or carnal weapons of any sort. Askari Also mixes in various levels glorifying the Thug culture, slang, even drug use at times, all with an intent of capturing the imagination of African American youth with audio imagery similar to the conditions they grow up in. As any movie script writer, director, or producer, He [Askari X] without double standard could be innocent of any negative influence his songs may have on those who listen to his songs.

Askari X stands out from other revolutionary underground hip-hop artists with his powerful, blunt, and direct message in support of the black liberation struggle and for being one of the first artists of the RBG movement. Taking anti-racism to a militant level, Askari X supports a revolution against violent racism that matches the notorious aggression of the white supremacist movement. His genre could be identified as a conscious rap artist.


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